Rules and Sheets

At WCPA, we strive to provide and educational resource for growing performances. Our circuit is a WGI partner, and we use the WGI sheets.

All shows are $100 per group per show, payable to "Eastside High School ASB". You will be emailed an invoice after the registration closing date.

General Rules:

  • Timing: All performance slots are 12-minutes. You must be on and off completely in this time.

  • There are no amplified metronomes allowed in the warm-up zones.

  • You must attend two regular season shows in order to qualify for Championships.

  • Our Division A is equivalent to WGI Scholastic A, and is our highest division.

  • Your first scores will be assessed, and a Division change may occur to keep our circuit competitive.

  • Color Guards should email the performance music cuts for their program to AT LEAST 24 hours prior to their first performance.

  • Final date to register for shows is February 15th, 2022. Late entries will be allowed to perform in exhibition only.

COVID-19 Updates:

  • Masking is strongly recommended but not required indoors regardless of vaccination status for both students and staff.

  • Asymptomatic testing of unvaccinated student athletes in high risk sports/activities is strongly recommended but no longer a requirement

  • Performing arts, which includes music theater, dance classes no longer have to mask indoors or test weekly.